My Passion

Over my summer i went to a christian camp where i learned more about god during my trip. We spent a week at mix and we did lots of things. One thing we did was go to a place where we sang and we prayed. We also played games at night. During the week we got to sleep in dorms that had fussball and there was also a ping pong table.

There was also a lake which was so fun. There was also canoeing, a water slide and zipline. The zipline, The water slide, and the obstacle course where so much fun. There was a thing that when you jump on it from a certain place it bounces the other person in the air then hits the water. There was also a pool but i didn’t go in it. I had so much fun that week.

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  1. Miranda Johnson says:

    Hi, thanks for posting! I went to a Christian camp over the summer, too, and we had almost the exact same activities.

  2. ninasgms24 says:

    Hay Miranda did you go to a youth retreat called mix??

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