The Dog poem

Brenda Dobbs via Compfight the pom pom is black also very cute its in the blue dog carrier with its fur blowing in the wind with its tongue out because of the heat I think the dogs going on a trip

our accomplishments

so far in our project our major accomplishment is we really do not have one we are working on a video for my youth group leader. we are getting e-mail ready for the people we need to e-mail so we can start to go to the nursing home we want t go to. we are […]

About My School

The history behind my school Gray Middle School the school was named after Gail Hamilton Gray. She was was my mom`s 2 grade teacher at Caywood¬†elementary she was a sub and a 6 grade teacher. In 1992 she was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. Gail was told she had 6 months to live after […]

The best sport ever

I think that the best sport is soccer. have been playing soccer since I was 5 years old.My favorite thing about soccer is playing mid field because you run a lot and I love is the only sport i’m passionate about. I also enjoy laying striker because you have to block the ball and […]

My Passion

Over my summer i went to a christian camp where i learned more about god during my trip. We spent a week at mix and we did lots of things. One thing we did was go to a place where we sang and we prayed. We also played games at night. During the week we […]

Why I chose my Avatar

¬† I chose my avatar to look like this because it represents me by, I love the color blue.¬†I love to play soccer so I used a soccer ball. I always listen to music so I used headphones. It represents me because I made it look like my. I tried to use things that looked […]